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Graeme Brattle
Co Founder


"I have been very impressed with 'Where There is a Will' and the Website service, it is helping me greatly.

I travel a lot globally and before using 'Where There is a Will' I had to be concerned about my critical documents before each journey.

Now that I use 'Where There is a Will' I know my documents are safe and secure and most importantly, in a place where family and friends can get to them in the possible event they are needed. I had a travel insurance matter to deal with a few years ago, before 'Where There is a Will' and it was a nightmare making overseas calls and emergency procedures. If that happened now, it would be a simple communiqué with my trusted family members and the problems simplified.

I can highly recommend 'Where There is a Will' and recommend not only travellers like myself, but everyone who has key personal documents that need to be kept safe, secure and accessible."

Darren Ramsey, 2012, your 'Relationship Adventure Guide'


"Hi Graeme,

Below is a couple of sentences for using on your site:

Andre and I chose to use the Where There Is A Will service because we felt it was important to have a central register for our personal documents. It gives us peace of mind to know that if anything happened to us, the children would be able to easily access the information they need at a time when they would be under the most stress. Where There Is a Will also protects the overlooked members of our family, our cats! Now we know that their needs will also be addressed if we are unable to take care of them anymore.

Love Carol"

Carol Broussard from Melbourne


"Pamela thought you may be interested in finding out about a website that helps your loved ones and the Executor of your Will avert the heartbreak and frustration of not being able to find your Will upon your passing."

"Hi, We have just registered with this company so that our relatives will know how to find important documents should anything happen to us. As we did not have to disclose sensitive information on the internet we felt confident using this site."

Parts of a letter that Alan & Pamela
from Melbourne sent to some of their friends


"My association with 'Where There is a Will' over the last few years has made a significant contribution to my peace of mind in so many areas. I had reached a point in my life where I needed and wanted to make important decisions about the future. Recently separated, I set about updating my will and ensuring my loved ones would be cared for in the event of something happening to me. My parents and close family were at the top of my list as were my two adored 'babies' – my dogs Elly and Sasha.

I have heard many stories about the distress and confusion facing people as a result of a serious injury or death in the family. 'Where There is a Will' provided me with a way to ensure my loved ones don't suffer any additional burdens or uncertainty should this happen to me. I have clearly recorded the location of all my important documents and medical details for myself and my pets.

Thank you 'Where There is a Will'."

Virginia, Gold Coast, Queensland


"To me, your site is about getting your life in order so that if the unforeseen happens the necessary details are all in one spot. The unforeseen circumstances can include death, or can be even more serious such as someone being hospitalised unconscious while there is a disabled person at home for example.

As your site says, it's about peace of mind, and to get that peace of mind there is some boxes which need to be ticked off so that things are in order. Your site allows that to happen.

A fantastic idea."

Damian Murdoch, Noosa Queensland


"Reassurance is the first word that springs to mind when I think about this wonderful service. I know my information is in a safe place and readily accessible at any time.

Being a busy first time Mum with a lot on my mind, I often don't have much time on my hands. And this is where the website comes into play. It's easy to access and navigate.

I have peace of mind knowing my information can be found if needed, should the situation arise. I also know this service is a safe way of storing my most personal information and knowing the working background and integrity of the site owners, my privacy is of the utmost importance.

Help is only a phone call away and the customer service received via phone or email is outstanding. I highly recommend Where There Is A Will and hope many more people give it a try. I've referred many friends, family and work colleagues to this site, and have received many thanks and positive affirmations that this is the best website and business to look after their needs."

Mel, Melbourne Victoria


""I love the simplicity of wherethereisawill.com.au website! I can store all the information that is important to my family and myself; including my fur babies! It is in one convenient location. Talk about peace of mind! Thank you Graeme and Vivien" "

Michelle Ovens Adv Dip NT, ATMS
Brisbane, Australia - www.NLP4Women.com.au


"Ok people.... It is time for you to have that uncomfortable conversation with your parents, grandparents and children. Should anything happen to you, where is your current will, where do you keep all your financial details, do you have any insurances, what would you like to happen to you after you pass, are any of your animals on medication. These and more are all simple questions that you don’t want to be searching for the answers to when you are grieving. Talk to Graeme Brattle from wherethereisawill about a very easy way to help with this information."

Mandy Bruford
Perth, Australia


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