Unlimited Where There Is A Will Account

Welcome to what we are so proudly pleased to proclaim is a unique internet website

In a nutshell we offer practical and emotional peace of mind to every person who becomes a client.

Our site is so much more than the name implies, in fact we don’t do wills at all. The name Where There Is A Will was chosen as it represents an important milestone of thinking in the lives of people once they reach their mid forties. In essence, our site is a compass when it comes to where a person keeps any items or documents that they may consider are important to them, as we point to where the item is located.

We do not record the content of any document, only it’s location.

But, like so many TV spruikers are pleased to boldly proclaim, with us there is more. Our site also allows you to record your health details as well, with the ability to have a card print out that fits into your wallet or purse that will assist should anything untoward happen, as your core health details are right at hand and immediately available.

Likewise, the same can be recorded for any pets that you may be looking after, as we have a pet card that can be printed out as well.

So as you can see, we offer real and practical peace of mind to our clients.

In fact we are so pleased with what we have to offer that we encourage you to personally check us out and conduct a test search on our make believe client, Happy Jan DOB 14/02/1954 in order to see some of the range of items that you may consider recording on our site.

Then, if you like what you see, click here to accept our special offer. Our standard cost is AUD $25 for each recorded document (pets, medical, and travel itineraries are free), however for a once only payment of AUD $100 you will be able to record and amend as many documents with us as you like, for as long as you wish to be associated with us, for this one time fee.

In addition, we are also offering a bonus gift, if immediately at the time of joining, you also record four (4) or more items. We make this offer because we want to encourage you to feel comfortable with us and to experience for yourself the immediate peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have done a great thing for both yourself and your family.

Having said all of that, there is often one giant question that lurks at the back of some peoples minds when considering joining our site and this question relates to the issue of privacy.

Question 13 of the ‘Frequently asked Questions’ section of our website covers this and in part states:

" ..it is important that you understand that everything you record (except for your Account information, and any information recorded in your Private page) will be available for viewing by any successful search.

Should you decide to minimise the viewable information you may prefer to lodge just one item, with that item pointing to the folder/container holding all the details concerning the locations of where your important documents/information are kept.

As a further measure of assurance, you will immediately be sent an email with the details of any successful search returning your details as soon as the search has been carried out.”

Please note, in order to successfully search for you in Where There Is A Will the searcher needs to know your name, and your date of birth.

I believe that we have a unique and excellent website that offers immediate peace of mind. Whether you wish to record the location of one item or many items, we invite you to join and to immediately experience for yourself the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your loved ones will be well equipped in the event of an emergency.

Click here to accept the special offer of our $100 once only membership fee.




Please note: these special offers are subject to change, without notice. Such changes will not be made retrospective.