One of the key reasons to use Where There Is A Will is to allow those who need to access your information in an emergency, to do so without fuss or frustration. In such a situation, time is of the essence.

The Where There Is A Will credit card size print out of your key health information, and credit card size print out of your pet information, is a great way of making it even easier for your loved ones, or emergency services personnel, to get the details they need to care for you. The information can be printed out in a format that is designed to fit into a wallet or purse.

This will help should an incident take place, such as fainting while out walking, or suddenly collapsing in a shopping centre. The first thing that the police and/or medical crew try to establish is the identity of the person whose aid they have come to. By having the information on the card quickly to hand, enquiries regarding the medical history of the person involved can be accessed with one quick phone call to their medical practitioner. Having the critical information readily to hand could make a significant difference e.g. before the person has arrived at any hospital the right medication can be available and administered without delay.

When it comes to recording details of your medication within your Where There Is A Will account, you can either make reference to the prescribing Doctor or Medical Clinic, or you can record the actual medication and dosage amounts. It's important to remember to update the information when your medication changes or your treatment has concluded.

The Pet Information Card is very handy for Where There Is A Will account holders, particularly those who live alone. In the case of an emergency, it will indicate to the authorities that there may be a distressed animal at the person's residence, and that arrangements may need to be made for the pet's care while the person is being cared for.

Below is an example of the Medical Information Card and the Pet Card for our demonstration account holder "Happy Jan". Happy Jan's DOB is 14/02/1954:

Medical Information Card

Pet Emergency Card

If you search for Happy Jan, you will find the following additional information in her Where There Is A Will account:

If you are already an Individual account holder with Where There Is A Will and you wish to take advantage of the Medical Information and Pet Informcation Cards then click here to go to your listing and you can then add details to your Medical and/or Pets listing.

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