Before opening your account and recording your information with Where There Is A Will we encourage you to check out the Special Offer page to see if there is a current offer that meets your requirements. If there is no special offer that meets your requirements, you will need to complete the application form on the "Sign Up Now" page by providing the
following information:

  • Family Name
  • First Name
  • Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • Email Address
  • Password
  • Password Prompt Question
  • Password Prompt Answer

You will then be directed to a secure website to make your once-only payment of $25 (per document) to cover original and duplicate documents, and any edits.

Once the payment has been processed you will automatically be directed to the 'Manage Information' page where you choose to record documents, pets, medical information and other private information. This can be done whenever you are ready and there is no time limit.

Once the recorded information has been saved an email will be sent to you confirming your registration details. A new email will be sent each time you update your information. Please check the emails for correctness of the information.

We encourage you to let your family and friends know that you have used our services and we invite you to request them to do a search on yourself so that they can see for themselves just how easy it is to access the information that you have lodged with Where There Is A Will. There are no fees payable by those searching for your details, however, we will record the details of all requests made.

Should you wish to lodge details about additional documents, e.g. Power of Attorney and Deed Box, each new document will cost $25. In this example of two additional documents, the additional cost would be $50. There is no additional cost associated with your use of the private page, recording of pets and any medical information.

Should your Solicitor or an Organisation lodge information with us on your behalf there will be a flat $75 fee charged by us regardless of the number of items recorded. Provided that organisiation processes any future changes to your details there will be no extra charges levied by us. However, they may wish to charge a small service fee for their services.

Upon a successful search the only information that will be displayed will be the information about your documents, pets, and medical information as recorded in your Where There Is A Will account. Your Account details will not be available for viewing, neither will anything that you record on your Private page.

Where There Is A Will site has been designed to be all about you. If you would like personal contact please complete our on line form and we will be in touch.